Inducted during Blinky's Sports Cafe
Presidents' Day Tourney
February 13th, 1999
Santa Clara, California!

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HAL PERRY was inducted into the "CALIFORNIA" SHUFFLEBOARD HALL OF FAME during the Blinky's Sports Cafe annual Presidents' Day tourney, February 7th-15th, 1999. The below excerpt from The Board Talk, Vol. 16, No. 4, was written by Rick Thomas and tells a great story about the infamous Hal Perry and his devotion to and promotion of shuffleboard.

"Hal Perry Inducted into
California Hall of Fame"

Excerpt from The Board Talk, Vol. 16, No. 4
By Rick Thomas

A highlight of Blinky's Presidents' Day tournament was the Induction of Hal Perry into the California Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.

Baseball's loss ended up being shuffleboard's gain. A record-setting high school MVP in 1954- 55, pitcher Hal Perly was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1958 and continued setting records in semi-pro baseball. It wasn't until 1960 that he shifted his priorities to shuffleboard. In that sport, too, he set records as a player and as a person.

--"Hal is about much more than shuffleboard talent. His honesty, integrity and sense of fair play are also legendary " -- Phil Skover and John McDermott, The Shuffleboard Federation
--"By any means by which a person would judge a shuffleboard player, Hal stands right there with the greatest players." -- Nick Chaffin
--"He's always there for you. If a person needed something and he didn't have it, he would go out of his way to get it." -- Fred Thumann
--"He's one of the best shuffleboard players on the planet and has been for many years." -- Darrol Nelson
--"In life and in game, I am proud to call Hal Perry my father and am happy that everyone else has had a chance to see and experience what I have all my life."--Steve Perry

What a perfect ending! After being inducted into the California Hall of Fame, Hal Perry and partner Don Cox, came in first in the doubles event. Hal's son, Steve Perry and his brother-in-law, Joe Hudson (known by the end of the week as Mr. Shari Hudson), took second place honors.

This was a winning week all around for the Perry family! Congratulations, Mr. Hal Perry.... from all your shuffling family here at BOWERS CORNER!! Well deserved!!


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