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2018 Bowers Player's Ratings

(effective December 5, 2017 Bowers Rating Information Links below chart)


All Players 2018 Ratings
(Sorted by Name)



All Players 2018 Ratings
(Sorted by Rating)


All Players 2018 Ratings
(Sorted by District-Name)

All Players 2018 Ratings
(Sorted by District-Rating)

Bowers' 2018 Rater's Names (US & Canada)

Bowers' 2018 Rating Sponsors

2017 Bowers Rating System Guidelines 


Debbie Bowers

Ron Bowers

Shuffler Rating Schedule & Basic Info Summary:

Do you have questions about the rating process and schedules/deadlines for submissions for these 2017 Bowers Ratings?  

New Year 2018 Ratings were first posted on this website on December 5, 2017 (check back periodically for any changes or updates that may come in throughout the year).

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Watch for Year 2019 Ratings to be posted here on "Bowers' Corner" during 4Q2018 



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