How To Play & Score "Three Strikes"


  Table Shuffleboard games are loved by all ages!!!

There was a time when table shuffleboard games were loved only by the players, not operators, or location owners. The game was thought of as an "older person's game" or an "expensive bar table."  Often times table shuffleboard is confused with "deck/floor" shuffleboard where players push a stick on the ground to get their puck to the scoring area on a floor/deck court.  Times have changed!  Table shuffleboard has become a competitive and growing sport amongst players of all ages.  With the success of Sports Bars, Brewery Restaurants and Family Fun Centers, table shuffleboard has caught on with players of all ages.  In addition, many shuffleboard  players are putting these shuffleboards in their own homes. The games involve skill and, of course, a little luck.  FUN FOR ALL AGES to play! 

Submitted by:  Amy Dunlap (May 2, 2011)
(Southwest Houston Shuffleboard League Player - with 7 participating local area clubs in their league)

In our neighborhood blind draws, we will sometimes play a game called "Three Strikes" which we have found to be a great lagging practice game. I'll do my best to describe it.  This is a single player game (no teams) where several people can play. Draw to get the order of shooting.

How to Play:

Each person will shoot 4 pucks - 3 of one color, and 1 of the other color. The 3 same colored (red) pucks are your "Point" pucks and the single color puck (blue) is your "Multiplier". The multiplier does not count for any points and can be thrown at any time during your turn. Players must shoot all pucks past the long foul line to count. All point values are the same as regular knock-off play (hanger is 4 points). The players will shoot from which ever end the pucks are on, so if there is an uneven number of players, you would have to shoot from different sides of the table each time.
After the first player's turn is over, count up all the points and that is the score the 2nd player has to beat - no ties. If the second player does not beat this score he gets one strike and whatever he scored is what the third player has to beat and so on.  The point total you are trying to beat is always the player in front of you, whether they got a strike or not. If you get 3 strikes, you are out and the remaining players continue to play until only one person is left who has not received 3 strikes.
In the below diagram, the points total 12, with the blue puck being the multiplier. So the next player must score 13 points. If they score anything less than 13, say 4, they get a strike and the third player is up. The third player must score 5 or more points or they will also get a strike. 







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