How To Play & Score "Target"
  Table Shuffleboard games are loved by all ages!!!

There was a time when table shuffleboard games were loved only by the players, not operators, or location owners. The game was thought of as an "older person's game" or an "expensive bar table."  Often times table shuffleboard is confused with "deck/floor" shuffleboard where players push a stick on the ground to get their puck to the scoring area on a floor/deck court.  Times have changed!  Table shuffleboard has become a competitive and growing sport amongst players of all ages.  With the success of Sports Bars, Brewery Restaurants and Family Fun Centers, table shuffleboard has caught on with players of all ages.  In addition, many shuffleboard  players are putting these shuffleboards in their own homes. The games involve skill and, of course, a little luck.  FUN FOR ALL AGES to play!

  How To PLAY and SCORE "Target" !!!

There are several traditional table shuffleboard games that are played.  The most common table shuffleboard game played in major tournaments is called "Knock Off".  Other commonly played table shuffleboard games are "Crazy Eight" and "Horse Collar".  "Target" & "Tap & Draw" and "Baseball" are less commonly played games.


In general, rules, regulations and playing instructions for TARGET shuffleboard are the same as those for regular shuffleboard.

To start a contest, players decide by toss of coin or other means, who shall shoot first and which color each shall have. It is an advantage to shoot last (player who shoots last is referenced as having the "hammer").

Standing at the same end of the table, the first player shuffles the first Weight toward the Target at the opposite end of the Playing Field, striving to attain the highest scoring position. The opponent then shuffles their first Weight, attempting either to knock off the other player's Weight or to place their own in a higher scoring position. The players continue shuffling Weights alternately until all eight have been shuffled, which completes one round of play.

At the end of each round, the player (team) whose Weight is in the highest scoring zone is the winner of that round. The score is totaled as detailed below, and registered on the Scoreboard.

The players then proceed to the opposite end of the shuffleboard, and another round is begun in the same manner described above, from this end of the table, with the winner of the previous round shooting first Weight. Play continues until a player or team scores the required number of points, and wins the game.


After a round has been played, the player whose Weight is in the highest scoring position is the winner of the round.  The player's score is determined by adding the values of all their leading Weights which lie in a higher scoring position than an opponent's highest highest scoring Weight. ONLY THE WINNER SCORES IN A ROUND.

The value of the winner's scoring Weights are determined by the Target zone in which they lie, as follows:

Any Weight on the board (playing field), which clears the foul line nearest the players and which does not completely clear the line of the outer or larger Target ring, scores 1 point.
Weights which completely clear the outer Target ring and lie within the larger ring zone, or which do not completely clear the line of the intermediate ring, score 2 points.
Weights which completely clear the line of the intermediate ring, and lie within the zone between it and the black inner ring, score 3 points.
Weights which in any way touch the black inner ring of the Target, score 4 points.
A Weight which completely covers the black inner ring of the Target, scores 5 points.


To play TARGET shuffleboard on a Cushion Board model (a.k.a. Bank Shuffleboard) the same rules and methods explained above apply, except that each Weight must first carom or bank off either side cushion, en route to the Target area.


The game of Horse Collar also may be played on a TARGET shuffleboard model.  It is played exactly as in regular shuffleboard, except that in this case, a Weight which completely covers the black inner ring scores 13-points. For HORSE COLLAR RULES (Click Here).

Miscellaneous Rules (Re:Board Talk Open Rules/Guidelines)

Before a player shoots, the player can dust the board if dry spots are showing.  Note: In tournaments this may be restricted to the edge of the board or left to the discretion of the Tournament Director.

Shooters must have one foot behind the playing surface while they are shooting.

Hitting or shaking the table is never allowed.




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