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The Bowers' Corner website receives many inquiries about how to play and setup tournaments and leagues, how tournament and league players' ratings are established, and many basic questions on the game of table shuffleboard.  So, the "How To Play" sections of this website have been enhanced with more detail to try to cover some of these many inquiries.  This section was last enhanced/updated:  May 02, 2011   Send us any suggestions you would like to see added that can further enhance these "How To Play" sections of the website.  Email webmaster with suggestions after viewing latest updates.

There was a time when table shuffleboard games were loved only by the players, not operators, or location owners. The game was thought of as an "older person's game" or an "expensive bar table."  Often times table shuffleboard is confused with "deck/floor" shuffleboard where players push a stick on the ground to get their puck to the scoring area floor/deck court.  Times have changed!  Table shuffleboard has become a competitive and growing sport amongst players of all ages.  With the success of Sports Bars, Brewery Restaurants and Family Fun Centers, table shuffleboard has caught on with players of all ages.  In addition, many shuffleboard  players are putting these shuffleboards in their own homes. The games involve skill and, of course, a little luck.  FUN FOR ALL AGES to play! 

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There are several traditional table shuffleboard games that are played.  The most common table shuffleboard game played in major tournaments is called "Knock Off".  Other commonly played table shuffleboard games are "Crazy Eight" and "Horse Collar".  "Target" & "Tap & Draw" and "Baseball (a Horse Collar variation)" are less commonly played games.  

To read details on each of these games and view some guidelines/rules & Shuffleboard Historical Information, select (Click) on bulleted items of interest below:

bullet Knock Off - How To Play (most common game)
bullet Basic Guidelines/Rules & History Overview for Table Shuffleboard
bullet Knock Off - SW Open - Official Guidelines Booklet - (Incorporates the the Table Shuffleboard Association Rules/Guidelines)
bullet Crazy Eight - How To Play
bullet Horse Collar - How To Play 
bullet Baseball - How To Play
bullet Target - How To Play
bullet Tap & Draw - How To Play 
bullet SPOTS - How To Play (Submitted by Tony Howard of Austin, TX)
bullet 3 STRIKES - How To Play (Submitted by Amy Dunlap of Houston, TX)

There are also tournament rules on various minor and major tournaments on other websites such as the SW OPENHouston Holiday Open, NASC Reno (Shuffleboard Federation), etc.  The Bowers' Corner website has examples, basic overviews, educational materials on various games and basic shots used, overview of guidelines/rules of the various games played in table shuffleboard, etc.  However, if attending a tournament or playing on home boards in a local establishment, one should always ask what the guidelines/rules are. This site gives you an educational overview, but rules/guidelines and the way games are played may vary from establishment to establishment, tournament to tournament, and you may find some differences within different geographies too.









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